Sunday, 27 November 2011

YCN - Wants and Needs

10 things I NEED to produce for the brief (mandatories)

1. Products fitting in with the current brand identity.
2. Campaign to attract the new target market.

10 things I WANT to produce for the brief

1. Poster (instore)
2. Poster (out of store) - for specific products
3. Online banner for target market
4. Brochure - showing products aimed at 20-30 year olds. To take home
5. Leaflets for specific products
6. Shopping bags
7. Wrap for products
8. Packaging for products
9. Instore book (very short) displaying/showing information about crystals.
10. Gift voucher.

10 Things I COULD produce for the brief

1. Launch event for the new target market
2. Mail outs for existing customers
3. New range of products for 20-30 year olds.
4. Free give aways for lucky passers by on street.
5. Swarovski rain shower
6. Swarovski lecture/show room of how the manufacture works.
7. Sponsorship with another more relatable to brand to the target market to get people involved.
8. New logo design.
9. Slogan.
10. Commercial.
11. App for products, to look and buy.
12. Champagne event for girls night out, discounts available.
13. Avon style events with discounts showing all products. (home to home).
14. Swarovski nail spa.

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