Thursday, 3 November 2011

Type & Branding

I really like the idea of having an oriental theme for the rice but with an English twist on it.

Here are a few typefaces that have caught my eye.
They are all quite different, however I feel it is important to have a wide range at this stage.

My favourite font and one that I think I may use for my branding at the moment is:

Possible names:

Perfect Measure
Rice & Easy
Just The Rice Amount
Just Rice
Just Pour
No Waste
Waste Not Want Not

I want the name to be quite quirky and interesting there fore at the moment my favourite is:

Just Rice

The name plays on words with 'just right' and 'just rice'.

Below are the brand name in the chosen typeface in Title case, Caps, and lowercase.

I think the most readable font is the one in the lowercase, however I am not convinced that this is how the font will stay exactly I think a bit of tweaking needs to be done.

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