Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Value Range - Packaging Information/ Concept

We will be focusing on the nutritional information for our concept on the packaging.

Our idea is to use one fact about the product putting it into a statistic as the focal point of the writing on the packaging.

From a distance people will therefore see a product name and a statistic, wonder what it means and take a closer look. We are using he element of having to look coolser to intrigue and inform people about the nutritional values of the products.

For our ten products we will be putting our designs onto for examples we have picked one piece of nutritional information to focus on for each. We have chosen the best part of each product to advertise and therefore make people more interested because the product will look at its best. People don't want a lot of calories and need more vitamins so we will be focusing in on these properties.

The facts are as following:

Baked Beans: 0.2g Saturated fat

Spicy Curry: 102 cals, Natural flavourings

Tomato Sauce: 98% tomatoes, 0.1g salt per 15g serving.

Rich tea biscuit: 35cal per biscuit, no artificial colours or flavourings.

Bran Flakes: fortified with 7 vitamins and iron, 78% whole wheat

Pasta: 0% salt,

Tuna Flakes: no sugar, sat fat.

Butter: 0.2g salt per serving.

Instant Coffee Granules: Caffeine boost

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