Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mission - Second Logo Design

After feedback on the first logo design, I think I need to make the whole thing a bit bolder and develop the lettering slightly.

Making the eagle darker works well and look more suited for a night club. It looks dark and mysterious.

Trying to further the type design, here it its overlayed onto my diamond vector. The bottom of the 'M' end where the bottom the diamond would. I don't particularly think this works very well as there is too much black going one and I don't want to introduce too many colours.

I have come up with this for the type which I think works really well. The 'M' dominates the type like a mini logo and the smaller lettering spells out the name of the club. The illusion of symmetry pulls the whole thing together.

Darkening and making the eagle slightly opaque helps the incorporate the background into the logo as well.

The new logo designs: With variations of sizing and positioning it shows the versatility of the logo if it were to be used in different areas.

The darker theme makes it fit in a lot better with the club scene.

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