Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mission - Type Design & BackgroundThe black background makes the lines more visible for your lea

Looking at lines and compositions of shapes I thought a diamond would be quite an appropriate shape to incorporate somewhere. It relates back to the facet design I have on my DC blog that I love so much. This is just a simple line drawing in InDesign.
I have drawn a quick background so that I don't have to look at a white screen for hours on end basically. The background here is a grey colour contrasting with the blacks and whites and also incorporates the diamond design from above with the outline of the eagle. There are also curved lines representing the arches of the train track that sits above the club and forms its layouts.
The black background makes the white lines easier to see.

Grey background with textured effect.

The thin lines of the diamond really stand out on top of the layered background, but are still nice and subtle.

Extra triangular lines give the diamond depth/

The logo here is very simple. The type part of the logo I think needs to be very minimalistic and readable from a distance. The 'M' stands out as part of a mini logo and the letter 'M' could actually become a recognized shape for the club to use on smaller item such as cups for advertisement. The word mission underneath follows straight down closing off the open ends of the 'M' at the bottom and making the shape as a whole look finished and together.

The logo layered over the white lined background works well.
The finished thing goes a bit like this. The type has been centered and been enlarged and coloured black. I think it works really well with the letter 'M' capable of being a logo in its own right. The 'M' could be seen to be a facet equivalent of the arches that stand above the club, adding a bit of loose relationship and meaning.

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