Monday, 14 November 2011

Value Range - Packaging to Make

If the re-branding were to actually be used it would be used across the whole range of 'smart price' products, however for the purpose of this short brief we will only be making a few packaging designs. We want to show how the design could work across the whole range of materials that it would be used on therefore we will be showing the re-design of packaging thorughout a range of materials.

Tin cans

We will be focusing in on food items so the design can be used in smaller stores as well, that don't have a home wear section for example.

The items we have chosen to work with are:

Tin can - tomato soup, tuna flakes
Card/paper - butter, bran flakes,
Plastic - spicy curry noodle snack, tomato sauce
Cellophane - rich tea biscuits, pasta shapes
Glass - coffee strawberry jam,

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