Monday, 14 November 2011

Value Range - Chosen Supermarket

We have chosen to re-brand the Smart Price range for Asda. We have chosen this because:

For the final choice we had to chose between was Tesco, Morrison's and Asda. We felt that other supermarkets either weren't as popular in the UK or already had an OK existing value range branding.

We found on line that someone had recently finished a product re-designing the Tesco value range and therefore thought we could try tackle a different one.

We chose Asda over Morrison's because we felt they had more in-store advertisement where we could place information about the new range and all their TV adverts are more directed towards low prices, whereas the Morrison's adverts are more directed towards the freshness of their meat and fish and information about their butchers and bakers.

Finally we came to chose Asda we thought their existing logo would be easier to work with and make something really appealing and realistically to be used in the store. We don't want to re-design the existing branding of the supermarket, just the value range, and therefore choosing a supermarket with a malleable logo will help us be more versatile with our designs.




Tin can.

Check outs.

In store shelves.

Pricing label.


Old Smart Price Logo. Changing from red and black to white and green makes the brand look more eco friendly and 'green'.

Tin can.

Signage in store.

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