Friday, 4 November 2011

Harvey Nichols - Window Display

A large amount of Harvey Nichols advertising relies on their window displays. Their displays aren't like any other store showing what they have inside their shop, showcasing their clothing, home wear etc. In fact a majority of the time their window displays don't show anything that they have to offer in store, instead they are an amazing visual display with imaginative ideas and something that overall makes potential customers stop and stare.

With this in mind I am proposing to design a window display advertising the Lookbook launch. As this is an amazing way to reach customer I think it is a vital attribute to advertising the launch of the book. I don't want the whole dislpay to look too obvious. For example having a big book or lettering about the launch I don't feel would work well alongside the other amazing displays. Something less obvious, but still intriguing to the audience.

Possibly having a display primarily made out of paper, to reflect the pages of the book. Here are a couple that I have on my design context blog that stood out to me as something I could incorporate into my design:

This idea I could look at the idea of the contents of the lookbook being 3D in the window display. The loobook comes alive.

I love the idea of covering a whole scene with paper. If I could mix this image with the one below, for a traditional twist I think this could be perfect.

Type featured on the window display would look amazing if it was die cut, for a delicate feel.

This image reflects the hybrid design of lookbook moving into fashion.
I really like the idea of the lookbook coming alive in some sense.
I am going to focus mainly on the image of the room covered in post-it notes. I need to incorporate this with more traditional or old style pages from a book and look at what objects to cover to relate best.

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