Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mission Logo - Typefaces

This font is ver clear but perhaps to outdated for what I am looking for.

This font is very unique and could fit in well with the Mission logo design, however I feel it just has too much going on

I really like this typeface. It is bold, simple and looks very symmetrical.

This typeface is pretty much perfect, from the rounding of the letters to the slim stroke. It seems to be missing the je ne ce quoi.

This would work well with the facet design I am looking at. With the futuristic line shapes.
A lovely font, but maybe no necessary for a club. The small strokes may also get lost from a distance.

I really like the may the 'm' reaches the baseline. This could be used for part of the logo.

I liked this font to begin with because of its slim line look. However on reflection I think a more curved look would work better for the logo to reflect the arches above the club.

Again I really like the 'm' touching the baseline, however the 's' look slightly out of place, they are not rounded or wide enough.

I think I may have found the perfect font. The middle of the 'm' touches the baseline and the 's' are broader and more curved. I also like he symmetry of the word. It almost looks like you can read the word the same backwards as you do forwards. This also ties in well with the arch theme. THIS IS MY CHOSEN FONT.  

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