Sunday, 6 November 2011

Harvey Nichols - 'Other Stores' Page Layout

The back section of the book will compromise of information of all the other Harvey Nichols Store both in the UK and abroad. This section will act like a travel guide for the customers. The type of people that shop at Harvey Nichols are looking for the best at any price and therefore may be inspired to take a weekend shopping break to one of the other stores worldwide.

The layouts will be printed on different paper from the rest of the lookbook to give a clear differentiation of sections. Each layout will consist of a 'where to go' and a 'what to do' with a brief insight of what else is nearby the stores abroad. It is like a mini travel guide.

All images are very luxurious and therefore the pages are very image heavy. The type included is only of most importance so to not clutter the page.

Whilst making these layouts I used a lot of image cropping. I wanted to make the imagery as striking as possible. I found that when cropping a photograph of a room, if you crop the bottom off the page, it makes the image look warped, short and less spacious. If the imagery focuses mostly on the sky/roof it creates the illusion of height and gives for an overall more spacious feel.
I have varied the layouts only slightly for this section so that it is clear to see that they all follow on from one another.

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