Friday, 11 November 2011

Mission - Rethink

Ok so I've realised I've been working in a bit of a bubble. I think my ideas for this brief have been slightly restrained as to how far they can stretch. I have just been looking at the logo re-branding, where I could have been looking at ways to revolutionise the club. I need to look at the idea of 'luxury' on a wider scale and not just on the night club scene. If i just mirror what is already out there then it will just be as good as everything else and not better.

The club caters for the everyday clubber interested in chart, house and rnb music. However it also caters for the higher class customer who wants to come and splash their cash. There is a VIP room available to certain customers where they can hire a booth for the night, there are the higher price range of alcohol available, glasses instead of plastic cups are used, entertainers can be hired for special events, Basically a higher level of customer service is given. I could focus in on this audience on making their experience special and flawless.

What can I do then?
Membership cards
Logo on glasses
Special outfits for staff
Logo for the VIP area
No money exchange on the night

Thinking along the lines of membership things relating to night clubs and what would interest the customers. At the moment to get in the VIP you need to be recognised on the door, for example know someone who works in the club, be a  big spender (valued customer) or be beneficial to the club in som way (work there, help out). There are currently directors cards for a select few members of staff, but nothing in the way of VIP status, the only thing that is available is a paper band similar to one you would get if you went to a swimming baths or a concert, not very 'VIP'.

What I will be designing:
- Logo for the club (already pretty much finished just need tweaking)
- Logo for the VIP and other rooms in the club
- Staff outfit design for VIP
- VIP membership system

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