Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mission - Eagle Design

The above image has influenced me initially for the logo, below are a few designs with this style of drawing incorporated into the eagle design.

Initial black outline

Linear gradient to try add a bit of depth

Radial gradient.

Mission text over the top with screen layering.

Starting to break up the eagle to look at the shapes that can be created within.

Adding a gradient and joining the shapes edge to edge starts the bring the design together. It look OK but definitely has a long way to go.

Looking at dark and lightness

The lightness of the eagle works well but not sure weather darker would be more appropriate for a club.

Because of my interest in the structure and composition of shapes I thought I would have a straight line running along each edge of the eagle and coming off the page to see what kind of effect it could make.

The overall effect wasn't very good because you can't really tell what I have outlined, however there is a slight triangular edge to it from a distance.

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