Thursday, 3 November 2011

Re-useable Brain Wave

Just been sat here brainstorming and thinking about packaging in shops for food and how food packaging could be re-used. On a very wide scale once you have used/eaten the food the packaging will go in the bin.

What could I design that is both re-useable and helpful to the consumer?

I always have the problem when I am cooking rice to know how much to use, there is no real way to measure rice other than by eye. I have tried in the past pouring it into a bowl to try estimate how much I will need, but I always end up with a mountain at the end when it has cooked and expanded.

So how can you measure rice?

Sugar dispenser
A mechanism like this could work well. This sugar dispenser gives you one teaspoon each time you tip it up and down.

If I could find a more sustainable material to use then the dispenser could be part of the actual packaging for the rice.

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