Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lookbook - Typefaces

The lookbook is going to be titled 'Exclusively At...". I have chosen this name because I feel it is very self explanatory. The general clientele of Harvey Nichols want exclusive and limited clothing. They don't want people to see other people walking round the street with the same clothes on basically.

I would like the logo to look sophisticated and quirky. The front cover needs to really stand out in the store and I think a light hearted image would work well. For example an air hostess with a tray with the Harvey Nichols logo on could work well. The whole theme now is to showcase what other stores have to offer as well as the Leeds store. People have money to spend and flying over to Dubai for a shopping weekend is the done thing. The magazine needs to make this available and easily accessible to the customers.

I definitely think that capital letters work best with a sans and serif font. It demands more attention.

None of these fonts really stand out to me, they are all very 'normal' or recognisable to existing brand logos.

This font is tall, elegant and demands attention. This cold work well.

Using more of a decorative font makes everything look more decorative and elaborate. It has an aire of beauty and it looks like it means what it is saying.

Not sure what it about this font, but I don't think it is quite perfect.

Too messy and hand written. I like the loose flowing lines that extend above and below the base line.

A mix between decorative and handwritten.

I really love this font, although I am not 100% sure if it would work with the existing branding of Harvey Nichols.

This is the font that is currently being used for the Harvey Nichols logo. Obviously it works well with the existing branding of the company, however I think it is a bad idea to have the same typeface for both 'titles'. I think there needs to be some differentiation between the two to help emphasise that it is an extension of the Harvey Nichols brand, but is still about Harvey Nichols.

 Chosen Logo Typeface......

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