Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Look book - Contents

Main focus of the magazine is to show items in store. Help customers to navigate round the store. Could design a map that can be carried around so people can see exactly where the different brads are situated. 

Antonio Berardi  - His clothing is only sold in the Leeds Harvey Nichols store* (not any other of the Harvey Nichols stores in the UK).

- Map of the store - could use transparent paper for each floor to show through to the other levels.

- Opening times

List of all the brands available in the Leeds store and not available online.

Voucher for 'if you buy one of these brands ^^^ then you can get 10% off.

Double page spread for each brand in the Leeds store and not online. Showing what can be found in store. (NO PRICES). 115 individual designers. - Have a little info about each designer on the page.

- Editors 10 (men & women) FASHION AND BEAUTY AND FOOD

- Trend Alert (men & women)

- Designer Focus (men & women)

- What's In

- What's On - Fourth Floor Leeds - What The Critics Say

Restaurants - Fourth Floor Leeds


Harvey Nichols Card

Christmas Hamper

- Very Brief History of the company and store.

The front section of the lookbook will be information about the store events and seasonal info and the second half of the lookbook will be images and brands that can be found in store. The map will show all of the brands instore and the individual pages about each brand will tell you what in store cannot be bought online. The front and back sections will be separated by the stock that is being used. The front section could be glossy card and the rest could be glossy paper. Different weights, slightly different colours and textures will help differentiate between sections.

Focus on the fact people don't want deals they want quality and exclusivity!

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