Thursday, 20 October 2011

Lookbook - Map Design

Online guide to the store.

I found this map for a supermarket and thought it was very simple to understand. I have used this as a template for the Harvey Nichols map of the store.

Simple layout with clear labels is what the customers want to navigate quickly through the store. The Harvey Nichols brand is very luxurious, using pastels and neutral colours I feel will be enable me to keep this feel of luxury throughout the lookbook.

Muted shades of green look just OK... I think it looks a bit more directed to children with the colour coding and less luxurious and serious.

To enhance the feeling of luxury I will be creating a lot of white space in this lookbook. I have a book about how to utilise white space within design. This will help me to ensure everything sits well on the page without looking like it is blank and plain.

Final map layouts are very minimal with only the information that is needed inclued.

The use of grey is to give slight variation of the black and white but not to distract from the information.

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