Friday, 21 October 2011

Lookbook Poster Redesign

There are a couple events in Leeds with Harvey Nichols that have already got posters designed for them online. I don't think they are amazing and I wouldn't say that they capture the essence of Harvey Nichols at all.

The first event is to raise money for St George's Crypt, a charity that provides support for homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged people. A very good cause, but quite a disrespectful poster I feel. The poster shows a homeless man sat on the floor whilst in the background people in the background are having a fine dining experience. I understand that the poster is trying to show who they are helping and the enjoyable experience that you can have by helping them.... hmmm I'm just not sure this is the best way to show it. I feel it looks down on the homeless man as if to say..."look at that poor man, now look at what fun we are having". Ok rant over. So I thought I would redesign the poster to help capture the meaning of the event, and still have its cause at the center point.


The hierarchy I have used here makes you read the event and then the purpose of the event first. It shows a charitable event where you can help the less fortunate without looking down on them. The pastel and muted colours work well with the autumn season. The customer only needs to read the circle of information really to know the key information about the event, smaller text is used below for those who wish to find out more about the event.

This poster celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Leeds Harvey Nichols store. I don't feel the original poster makes a big deal of the event. There is too much unnecessary information that distracts from the most important and interesting information. The general consensus is that people will read small print if there isn't loads to read. Here the small print looks slightly like and essay and there is some vital information there that people might not read because there is just too much to read on a poster that may be looked at for 5-10 seconds. The colours, type and imagery don't look very luxurious and exclusive, I would say they would fit shops like 'Miss Selfridge' and 'Joy' better.

For my re-design of the poster I have only included the most important information so that people are more likely to read the whole of the poster. The use greyscale makes the whole poster look more demure and in keeping with Harvey Nichols. Simple information, simple self, explanatory image and simple layout, perfect.

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