Thursday, 20 October 2011

Lookbook - Harvey Nichols History

Amazing design for a timeline. This is to elaborate for this lookbook however I will take the strong structure and layout to influence me.
 I will be writing a brief history of Harvey Nichols in the Lookbook to give the reader a bit of depth to the company. It will include a time line and a few paragraphs of information.
A quick look at colouring, I don't think it works thatw ell and doesn't fit in with the existing feeling.

Basic structure for the time line.
To make sure everything is perfectly lined up grids have been used excessively... as they have for the rest of the lookbook - I'm seeing squares!

Nicely structure and clean. The use of white space makes the text look like it is less to read and therefore more interesting.

Playing around with the layout, looking at how the text lays next to imagery and alters the overall look of the page.

Having a lot of space means that grouping a lot of things together looks slightly odd and misplaced.

Grid of text and image give structure to a somewhat unstructured page.

Text laying over images works well and creates depth. The text and images are still scattered ad the hierarchy helps to tell the story.

Final History and timeline layouts. Adding a hint of colour I think adds to the theme of the 'history'.



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