Thursday, 20 October 2011

Lookbook - Antonio Berardi Feature

OK so Antonio Berardi clothing can only be bought in the Leeds Harvey Nichols. I will be making a feature of this in the Lookbook. I need to be able to show his style and flare in three double page spreads. I could go for the easy option of getting all of his collection and plonking them on the pages, but I think one of the keys to the luxury feel is that 'less is more'. Selecting a few key pieces from his collection will showcase his best bits. 

I need to look at framing of the clothes, cropping and how they sit on a page.

Selecting a section of the clothing gives you a snapshot, making you look at the material and textures.

Having the pictures locked together gives the impression of the fast pace of a fashion shoot. It shows movement and quick flashes of key point about the dresses that you would only just have time to notice on the runway.

Full shot and close up enhance different aspects to the dress. How it sits and flows and the textures and details.

I put sections of each garment together to create a hybrid of Berardi's designs.The images sit loosely together making up the outline of a person with one arm from one garment, one leg from another etc etc.

With the idea of less is more in mind picking just one piece from the designer's collection sums him up very briefly but attracts interest to look at the next double page spreads of his designs.

Black of white writing? Black looks quite harsh on top of the pastel colours of the dress, and the white is still readable against the background.

Overlaying two images on top of one another give the effect of movement.

The fact that this designer is exclusive to Harvey Nichols Leeds is key to the layout. People want exclusivity and something that no one else is wearing. 

The final layouts are below. I think they show Antonio Berardi in a great light. The lack of text lets the designs speak for themselves.

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