Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lookbook - Front Cover

Having a globe on the front would work well with the theme of showing the customers other places around the world that have exclusive products.

A silhouette of countries is simple and a very recognisable image.

The background is currently simulating the material that it will be printed on to. I am undecided at the moment what I would like the front cover to be made of. Some luxury looking silk, velvet, leather or even varnished wood.

Britain highlighted, but this is quite irrelevant, because even though the look book is for the UK it is advertising other countries.

Red dots indicate where the Harvey Nichols stores are located around the world.

The globe would be screen printed and the text UV varnished.

All Uv varnished or lazor cut out of wood or leather.

Quick mock up of how leather could look as a material for the cover.

Wood cover material.

Lazer cut design into wood.

Embossing of the globe into the leather

List of the Harvey Nichols store world wide.

Moving the globes round to symbolise the time differences.

Below is my chosen cover design. I have applied it to wood and leather to give me an idea what it could look like when applied to materials.

At the moment they both seem quite hard to read but when they are actually made the print finishes will stand out. For the wood, the image and text will be lazer printed in, so the wood will darken. For the leather cover the image and text will be both de-bossed and UV spot varnished, so the cover will work well in lighting and movement.

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