Saturday, 3 December 2011

YCN - Research Analysis

From my research gathered currently, covering a spectrum of areas I could design in for this project, I now feel more clear on what I want and need to actually produce.

I feel some of the ideas and avenues I have looked at would be a very 'safe' way to take it. For example a campaign to entice the new target market with beautiful imagery and poster advertisements is something that they have done before. I need something different and therefore will appeal to a different range of people.

I am really interested by the idea of designing and producing a Swarovski laced nail varnish range. So this idea would need a product and packaging designing and not just a simple slogan and logo. I think the idea of bringing out a new product that relates more to a younger target market and still incorporates the Swarovski essence and beauty factor would work really well and would create a whole new dimension to the brand. Creating interest in a new product that is affordable, relate-able a new on the market will encourage interest not only in the nail varnish, but secondly automatically gets the Swarovski brand out there and forefront in the consumers mind and their relations with the brand.

Nail varnish exudes, beauty, luxury, elegance, shine, glamour.... Everything thing that comes across about Swarovski's brand identity.

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