Saturday, 10 December 2011

Logo Typeface

Playful serif font works well alongside the Swarovski logo. I think the curls on the 's' look slightly childish however and they don't really have any relation to the rest of the typeface.

Thin sans serif looks sleek and elegant but the thinness of the letterforms could get easily lost on an advertisement for example from a distance.

Less rounded and squashed vertically in relation to the Ambassador font. I think this makes the font look less dominant and elegant.

I really like the height of this typeface, although maybe it would be better for a slightly younger target audience and not for such a sophisticated brand.

This font has a medieval look about it, ad although it is strong and elegant I don't think it looks modern and clean enough.

Looking at brush design for the typeface. This could link in well to give the feeling of the nail varnish having been used for the logo.

This brush design doesn't look as realistic and artistic as the one above.

I really like the letter shapes for this font, however the overall feel is that the logo is quite dull and doesn't really reflect the name 'shine' well.

In progression from the brush strokes this looks beautiful, it flows well and has a solid colour. If I added highlights to the typeface it could look more realistic and more 3D.

I love this font (Didot) it is strong and yet still elegant. It looks slightly like the Swarovski logo but yet has its own style and differentiation..

This typeface looks similar to Didot although it is more condensed and bold. I think this makes it lack elegance and an aire of beauty.

I really like the use of upper and lowercase lettering, although I think this makes it lose a sense of luxury and wouldn't fit well alongside the Swarovski logo.

This is a more structured sans serif typeface, with less fluent curves and more jolted corners. This helps to give it dominance, but takes away for its elegance and luxury.

Chosen typeface is Didot

Below is my chosen typeface in regular, italic and bold.

I have chosen this font because I fell it ticks all the boxes. It is strong, yet still elegant. It is easy to read and will fit in well next to the Swarovski logo. The calligraphy style weighting on the lines gives a good contrast between the strong dominant lines and the thin elegant lines.

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