Saturday, 10 December 2011

Experimentation & Making

Silver glitter bottle

Experimentation with types of glitter

Different types of glitter work differently in the nail varnish for example some float and some sink and some clump together.

Silver leaf in nail varnish just sticks to the walls of the bottle.

Crystals in the bottle look lovely and reflect well.

Most of the crystals sink to the bottom but when shaken they float round.

Looking through a large crystal gives a dram like feel.

Silver leaf on the lid worked terribly.

Printed sticker with logo and type on front of bottle.

Range of nail varnishes. I think the designs work well however if they were to be produced professionally the quality of the print would be a lot better and show a lot more detail in the design.

Because of the problem I had with the glitter I decided this glitter was the best colour and therefore just painted the inside of the bottle to create the effect that it is full for the purposes of the project and that fact that I don't have time to work out density and weight levels of the nail varnish in ratio to the glitter.

Light shining through the nail varnishes enhances the colours and shapes inside the bottle.

Experimentation for the wrapping of the product in a shop. I will be using cellophane for a simple wrapping technique that can be transferred over a range of nail varnishes or just used for one. The ribbon will tie at the top of the cellophane wrap to enclose the nail varnish. Here are a few ribbon colours I experimented with.

I like the cream ribbon best because it is elegant and clean. The packaging is also very elaborate and oversized for the ail varnish inside to add drama and luxury to the design.

Simple poster design with logo and three nail varnishes in range.

Everything used for the wrapping and the product are shiny, giving them a glow and help to take in and reflect light.

For the bag design that the wrapped nail varnish would come in I wanted the design to be very simple, quite similar to the existing Swarovski packaging, but still unique to the new product range.

I decided to measure the wrapped nail varnish and design the bag around this because I wanted it to all look very custom made for the product. The bag design is very simple to that of a normal shopping bag so that it can be easily mass produced.

The front of the bag has the Swarovski logo on it that has been UV Spotvarnished to enhance the depth of the black.

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