Saturday, 10 December 2011

Experimentation & Making 2

The finished bags  all have either UV spot varnish or foiling on them. They show both the Swarovski logo and the Shine nail varnish logo.

The length of the handles are proportionally bigger than they would usually be, this is because the wrapping of the nail varnishes means that the cellophane is really tall and therefore if the bags handle were to be small you wouldn't be able to to hold it very well. It all adds to the drama and luxury of the product.

Finished box and wrapped nail varnish.

Carrying on the glamour and theme of reflection the bottom of the bags are lined with silver card so that they add extra sparkle to the product.

I love the final product and feel like it is really like something you could see sitting along the Swarovski brand in the future. It shows luxury and elegance to a high quality.

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